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GENERI BIOTECH is an EU-located biotechnological R&D company focusing on manufacturing their proprietary products, such as real-time PCR CE IVD kits, oligonucleotides and probes, and other products for the life science industry.

What they do

GENERI BIOTECH was established in 1995 originally as a facility for the manufacturing of oligonucleotides. Synthesis of oligonucleotides has remained the mainstay of the company to this day. They started to develop their products, such as IVD kits, in 2010, based on the know-how of synthesis of diversely modified oligos. Their portfolio of IVD products is growing steadily. They aim their products at two market sectors: laboratory diagnostics in human medicine and R&D.


CE IVD real-time PCR kits
Life Sciences - Products
Oligo & Probes

CE IVD real-time PCR kits

The in vitro diagnostic kits manufactured by GENERI BIOTECH fall into five categories: clinical genetics, hematology, pharmacogenetics, oncology, and microbiology.

CE IVD kits for thrombophilic mutations: real-time PCR kits used in hematology and clinical genetics.
CE IVD kits for human genetics: real-time PCR kits for the most common monogenic diseases of clinical significance.
CE IVD kits for pharmacogenetics: real-time PCR kits used for in vitro genotypization before treatment; important when extensive side effects may occur or when metabolism plays a decisive role in treatment.
Ce IVD kits for microbiology
CE IVD kits for oncology: a comprehensive portfolio of products for one-step real-time RT-PCR detection and quantification of BCR-ABL1 fusion transcripts.

Generi Biotech CE IVD real-time PCR kits

Life Sciences - Products

The Life Sciences product line comprises the most commonly used products for molecular biology (such as DNA isolation kits, PCR mastermixes, one-step reverse transcription kits, etc.), including products specialized for real-time PCR.
Generi Biotech Life Sciences - Products

Oligo & Probes

Custom oligo synthesis: available synthesis scales for custom DNA oligos are 20 nmol, 40 nmol, 200 nmol, 1 μmol, and 10 μmol. The standard-length range of synthesized oligos is 2-99 bases. In certain cases, it is possible to synthesize strings with a length of 100 bases or more. For unmodified oligonucleotides in the 20 nmol scale, synthesis is available up to 50 bases in length.

PCR probes: we carry out syntheses of the most commonly used probes (TaqMan ® probes), FRET probes used in a pair, and GEMINI probes which use a quencher located inside the chain. All probes are purified by HPLC (the purification price is included in the probe price).

Generi Biotech Oligo & Probes

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