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Clinomics Europe is a Budapest-based company, established in 2021 June as the first EU subsidiary of Clinomics Inc, Korea.

The innovative field of the healthcare sector has become more and more crucial during the world crisis caused by the pandemic. Our high added-value, rapidly growing medical biotech company pays special attention to helping patients by developing novel precision diagnostic devices and methods.

Our core technology is based on an early-stage cancer diagnosis by genetic analysis of circulating tumor cells. The unique method allows us to prolong the life of cancer patients. For early-stage cancer diagnosis, a unique technology such as liquid biopsy is essential. Liquid biopsy can confirm the presence of cancer through the separation and determination of cancer cells present in the blood. NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) test is a technology used to obtain necessary data to diagnose diseases by analyzing the genetic information. Using the liquid biopsy method in combination with NGS-based cancer panel, it is possible to improve the quality of life by providing precise medical treatment to cancer patients. This combined solution of high-end technologies such as liquid biopsy, bioinformatics, NGS takes personalized medicine to a never-seen high level.

Besides the core technology, which focuses on molecular cancer diagnosis and genomics research, Clinomics has a COVID-19 specific product line such as the high-quality qPCR testing kits or an easy-to-use point-of-care COVID-19 test devices, the 1drop.

Innovation in molecular diagnostics

We focus on research and development of innovative molecular diagnostic methods performed by the most recent high-end technologies, such as liquid biopsy, next-generation sequencing, qPCR etc.

Research & Development

The R&D team of Clinomics Europe is committed to help prevent diseases or make the early diagnosis possible by discovering new diagnostic markers and developing brand new detection techniques.

Diagnostic Services

With constant advancements in the field of medicine with respect to technology and treatments, our diagnostic methods have become more personalized and sophisticated.

International corporation

Thanks to our international expansion strategy, besides to the Korean headquarter, subsidiaries are present in the UK and the USA as local representatives. This rapid growth has also led to the establishment of Clinomics Europe, the company’s first representation in the EU.

Sales and Tech Support

In addition to our R&D and clinical service activity, our company represents itself by professional sales and product specialists. Our goal is to build an international business network and provide the highest quality support to our partners and customers.

Company history

July – Established Clinomics Inc.

June – Signed a dealer agreement with Fluxion Bio in Korea

June – Research and development and commercialization in Ulsan

December – Obtained a Certification of a Venture Company by the Korean government
Established Company’s attached institute
November – Obtained a permit for importing medical devices from the Korean FDA
October – Established a corporate research laboratory
February – First company to move into UNIST start-up incubation center

July – Received projects from the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups
Signed a dealer agreement with AmoyDX
Started clinical testing for CFDA
June – Obtained a permit for manufacturing medical device from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Declared as a DNA testing institution

December – Selected as an ICT Potential Company (K-Global 300) from the Ministry of Science and ICT
November – Completed the construction of ULF1 (Ulsan Factory 1) for CD-PRIME™ system manufacturing within UNIST.
April – Started Bio-ICORP program in the US as an awardee of the Global innovative start-up program by Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.
January – Established Clinomics USA in San Diego
Awarded the start-up mentoring program by UNIST

November – Acknowledged as new medical technology for examining ROS1 gene
October – Obtained Class 3 permit for AmoyDx ROS1 Kit Medical Device from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Registered CD-PRIME as a Class 1 medical device at CE
June – CD-PRIME™ system registered as a Class 1 medical device to FDA
May – Registered a Class 1 medical device (CD-PRIME™) to FDA (USA) and is formulating to register to CE
April – Merged Geromics
January – Certified ISO 13485 as Ulsan’s 1st Factory

December – Re-certified start-up business
CD-PRIME™ system registered as a Class 1 medical device to CIBG
Completion of IDC Center construction for Genome Big Data Analysis (in Advanced Medical Complex of Osong in Chungbuk province)
July – Established Geromics LTD in the U.K.

January – CD-PRIME™ system re-registered as a Class 1 medical device to FDA

November – First lab in Budapest
June – Establishment of Clinomics Europe Ltd as the first EU subsidiary

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