About NIPT™


It is a safe, highly-accurate examination service possible after 10 weeks of pregnancy through non-invasive, pre-birth examination to detect fetal chromosome abnormalities (aneuploidy) through NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) by extracting fetal DNA from pregnant women’s blood.


Non-invasive examination

It is examined with pregnant women’s blood, eliminating the risk of fetal infection, early contraction or miscarriage

High sensitivity and accuracy

It displays extremely high accuracy, sensitivity and specificity.

Early detection of chromosomal abnormality

It is possible to quickly and accurately detect abnormal number of chromosomes after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Quick Examination Results

Using NGS, it is possible to find out the examination result within 7 days from the day of blood extraction.


According to the method of blood separation and isolation of targeted particles, different cartridges are provided.

Examination Content

Autosomal abnormality

Abnormality in specific number of autosomes

Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, Patau Syndrome.


Sex chromosome abnormality

Abnormality in the number of sex chromosomes

Abnormality in the numbers of chromosomes excluding those of Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, Triple X Syndrome and Jacobs Syndrome.

Examination Procedure

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